July 2016
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postheadericon Santander – the goal of this trip

It was with a kind of sadness and melancoly that I watched others walk along in the morning. I want to continue But I guess time is not on my side this time. Said goodbye to Roberto at the hostel and had breakfast with Paul and John before they caught the train to the next […]

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postheadericon Güemes – Santander

Güemes - Santander

Roberto caught a cold during the night and was not in the best of shapes. We where planning to take the route along the beach that was 5km longer but we somehow missed that path and took a detour through a town and then straight to Santander. Once again the sun shined and it was […]

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postheadericon Noja – Güemes

Noja - Güemes

Hard to remember now but this walk was to short. The weather was hot and some hangover was present. Picked up my money from the post office and I could pay the hotel with the numbers on my card. Amazing that the banks couldn’t help me with this solution. The route went inland across really […]

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postheadericon Low battery but uploading photos


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postheadericon Laredo – Noja – Handelsbanken and money abroad


Yesterday I couldn’t get any money out on my credit card. So I tried all the banks again today, went into 3 to talk to them and called Handelsbanken 4 times and got callbacked twice. No one could help me. When I get back to Sweden they will receive a very angry letter. Finally I […]

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postheadericon Islares – Laredo


Rainy day along the freeways. We stayed at a small hostel for 10 euro which was supposed to be new. One woman was snoring so much that people took their mattresses out of the room and sleept in the kitchen. One girl had to stop because of her feet killing her. All in all it […]

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postheadericon Pobenã – Islares


We skipped Castro Uridales because we wanted to catch some ground. Easy walks along the freeway once again. A really long lunch break in Castro Uridales as some of the party orders menu del dia which is a discounted menu forced on by Franco so every Spaniard could eat cheap while traveling. It’s basically a […]

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postheadericon Portugalete – Pobenã


Easy walk along the freeway that really was nothing special. Had some beers at la arena and then went a detour due to the bridge being out. Later a whole new episode of faulty towers outplayed itself on a restaurant. I really need more time to be able to write about it but it was […]

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postheadericon Bilbao – Portugalete


Went into the Guggenheim and it was really nothing that I appreciated much except for the building itself and the dog of flowers outside. After that the challenge to get to Portugalete started, first I had to figure out by which transportation method to use and after that where the metro station where, all in […]

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postheadericon Gernika and Bilbao

Guernika - Picasso

The rain was going to be the same as yesterday and it was another 30km to Bilbao with the same terrain. I decided to take the train into Bilbao and not do another transportation route that I wouldn’t enjoy. But first I wanted to see the junta house with the old and new oak, a […]

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As this site was written from my phone during travel I would just like to take this opportunity to beg for forgiveness for all the spelling/grammar mistakes on this site.